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Who are we? Well, put simply we’re science fiction fans who also have some creative talents which we put down on paper and send out for others in our group to read. It is though that there has been some slash fiction included in the Apa from time to time (This is open to debate), however, the Apa encompasses a wide variety of interests in the SF&F (Science Fiction and Fantasy) community.

Think of it as a slow motion news group. 8^) How does it work? Simple. You need to produce two pages every two months, photocopy your conTRIB “X” number of times (currently 11 copies required), post this ’TRIB off to the Editor before the due date (the first of the month - every second month), then wait for Dan to return to you the latest “Stew”

Wo’s a “Stew”? I hear you ask? Below is a sample of the latest “Moa Bone Stew” Number 147 for mailing Number 148 (Don’t ask - yes, there was a mailing number zero...) The stew outlines who has contributed to the mailing, the name of their contribution and how many pages they have produced.

How much does it cost? Well, I’m glad we got around to that. If you live in New Zealand, it’s not going to cost too much at all. No matter where you live, the mailing will only cost you your photocopying/printing costs plus postage. For members in other countries such as Australia, Canada and the USA, the postage rates are higher, but with the rate of exchange (especially to the Americas) the exchange rate makes postage all the more attractive (!). A word of warning, don’t just send in your creative works with out any monies. As this is a non profit group, the sole costs are postage and photocopying the stew. There are NO handling costs, you retain any copyrights on your own work

Keep scrolling down the page for more weird and wonderful info.

Moa Bone Stew 147

Mailing 148

Next mailing due: days ’til January 7th, 2005. Note, 11 copies required

Bylaws of Aotearapa

  1. Dues are $5.00, replenished when the balance falls below $1.50
  2. Page count (minac) is 6pp per 3 bi-monthly mailings (6 pages/six months) in as many identical copies as the OE deems necessary (Currently 11 copies for the 11 members) for distribution to the members. Membership limit is 34.
  3. Deadlines are January, March, May, July, September and November on the 1st of the month. An extension of minac will be granted to a member if the OE is informed of reasons by letter, phone [or e-mail] before the minac deadline.

NB: Aotearapa is a regular collation of correspondence as defined in its constitution for circulation to it’s membership and is not within the ISSN/ISBN scope.

(’cause Murray said so).

Next mailing due: January 7th, 2005. Note, 11 copies required

For other New Zealand clubs visit the NZ Science Fiction & Fantasy Index

Based in New Zealand, with correspondents in two countries.
Dan McCarthy;

Get to know the Authors...

Miche Campbell

James Dignan

Simon Greenfield

Ann Gutschlag

Andrew Ivamy

Dave Joll

Dave has a web page at

Tim Jones

My first collection of short fiction, consisting of 12 stories, most 
of them SF, has just been published by HeadworX Publishers in 
Wellington. I had hoped to bring copies to OdysseyCon, but the book 
wasn’t ready in time. Therefore, I am looking for other ways to 
publicise the book to SF fans, especially those in Auckland. Martin 
Kealey advised me to send the information to this address. Can you 
distribute it to Stella Nova members?

Further information about Extreme Weather Events, including a cover 
image and sample story, is available at

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Tim Jones

TITLE		Extreme Weather Events
AUTHOR		Tim Jones
PUBLISHER	HeadworX Publishers
FORMAT		Paperback, 110x176mm
EXTENT		124 pages
ISBN		0-473-07387-0
RRP		NZ$19.95

DISTRIBUTOR:	Addenda Limited
		PO Box 78-224
		Grey Lynn

AVAILABILITY:	Available in, or by ordering, from NZ bookshops. In 
case of difficulty, see for further 
information about ordering the book.

Extreme Weather Events is the debut book of stories by Tim Jones.

The stories in Extreme Weather Events take place in a past just a 
little different from the one recorded in the history books (“The
Pole”), in the corporate present (“Black Box”, “The New Land”), in 
cyberspace (“The Temple in the Matrix”), and in the future (“The Kiwi
Contingent”, “Maria and the Tree”). They find a home somewhere in the 
uncharted region bounded by science fiction, horror, and magic 

About the Author

Tim Jones has been published widely in magazines and anthologies, 
including The NeXt Wave (1998), Extremes (USA, 2000), and in Boys’ 
Own Stories (2000) and the 100 NZ Short Short Stories anthologies 
from Tandem Press. He lives in Wellington and divides his time 
between writing, being a husband and father, and maintaining web 

Printed with permission.

John Knight

Xena Lorber

Info on Xena Lorber can be found at Her on line self defence classes for women can be found at the “Amazon Nation World” Home Page

Dan Mc Carthy

Pauline Butler Nicholson

Alice Peattie

Alicia Ponder

Michael Smeaton

Nicholas Smeaton

Rex Thompson


Get to know the past members of Aotearapa - click here

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You can email the outgoing editor Dan McCarthy for more information


Past Members

Get to know the past members of Aotearapa...

Ann Gutschlag

John Knight

Xena Lorber

Info on Xena Lorber can be found at Xena has also started a self defence site for women at Amazon Nation World.

Dan Mc Carthy

Pauline Butler Nicholson

Philippa Ballantine

Graeme Walker

Raewyn Crosbie

Graham Collins

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